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Viva Wealth Funds

Socially Responsible. Clean Technology. Win-Win Strategy.


Substantial Growth Potential

Investors are looking for a safe, protected haven from further economic instability and investment erosion. Vivakor intellectual properties and projects create the desired environment for investors to experience growth and receive income while mitigating risk.
Vivakor’s Remediation Processing Centers use a proprietary, environmentally safe and clean solvent extraction process. This environmentally friendly oil sands separation process removes hydrocarbon trapped material, leaving behind only clean, dry sand.



Vivakor, Inc. is a socially responsible operator, acquirer and developer of clean energy technologies and environmental solutions, primarily focused on soil remediation. We specialize in the remediation of soil and the extraction of hydrocarbons, such as oil, from properties contaminated by or laden with heavy crude oil and other substances.





We believe the combination of our management team, Board of Directors and Advisory Board provides us a significant competitive advantage over our competitors due to their breadth of experiences and relationships.



Wealth Space, LLC and Vivakor, Inc are Co-managers of Viva Wealth Funds.  Viva Wealth Funds are exclusive investment opportunity curated for Wealth Space members and clients in mind.  This alternative asset investment may be an option for clients seeking higher return potential other than traditional investments such as annuity, CD or Money Market accounts.





There is a tremendous need for remediation or cleanup of oil spills across the globe. While you may not hear about these spills in the news, they occur regularly. With the world consuming ~94M barrels of oil per day and many of these oil companies producing millions of barrels every single day, you can be assured that oil is being spilled!

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